Incontrol2 serial number not found

I am trying to set up my first peplink/pepwave router, a surf soho.
The system can’t find the serial number.
The router was purchased from 5Gstore.
Do I need to register the serial number first ?

@jens, I sent you a message to get the serial number from you. Thanks

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S/N has been emailed

Any progress on this ?

Please try again adding your serial number to IC2, make sure to use a 0 (zero) and not the letter O. When you have an issue on IC2, you can click on the ‘feedback’ button and it will send a screensnap of the issue to the IC2 team.


Did that but the ‘feedback’ portion does not work in my standard (Firefox) browser even after allowing all traffic in NoScript. I ended up having to log into Chrome to send the feedback.

Have since determined that ‘feedback’ was installing a tracker of some kind … not impressed!
I did get an automated reply saying they will contact me within 2 days - good show !


Problem is mostly resolved - while the zero was always entered as zero, the ‘B’ was supposed to be an ‘8’
Now I just have to correct the invoice date to get my full year warranty.

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