InControl2 S/N not found

I am trying to add my Pepwave Max BR1 mini into my incontrol2 but the message “S/N not found” returned.

Should I post the serial number here so you may able to check what’s wrong? thanks.

@shanechamp, send your serial number to me via private message and I will check it for you. Thanks

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@Tim_S, It will not allow me to send you a private message.

I sent you a message, did you get it?

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You can also open a support ticket here:


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Hi @shanechamp, unfortunately you must have acquired this device from an unauthorized source out on the internet - probably at a price too good to be true.

This serial number is no longer valid and has been removed from all systems. You won’t be able to add it to InControl2 or ever buy a warranty or subscription for it.

I recommend that you return it for a refund right away and instead purchase through an authorized partner.


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