INCONTROL2 reset login settings

We have just reset our MAX-HD2-MINI-LTE-E, but it has been configured with IC2 already but we don’t know the login details, how can we reset to create a new login and setup?


I can send you the serial number if requested…

Hello @cetinsever,
If you have forgoten your InControl2 login details, you can reset the password at

If this does not work then we would recommend that you Create a Support Ticket.

You only need to put your serial number into the support ticket, you are welcome to post your support ticket number here into the forum as a reply.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

It is created before but the person who is dealing with this unit left, so we need to create brand new setting and user

Hello @cetinsever,
You may like to attempt these options

Option 1
Restore former staff members email address and have sent a password reset, once you have reset it, you will be able to use there profile to create a new Organisational Administrator & delete them from the organisation.
This is the best option as it will retain all of the existing settings in InControl2 & previously captured data and you can do this yourself, Note: that if Second Factor Authentication is setup on the organisation, this option will not work, unless the previous employee is open to helping.

Option 2
Submit a support ticket and ask for Peplink to add you into the organisation as and administrator. This option retain all of the existing settings in InControl2 & previously captured data.

Option 3
Create a brand new organisation and ask Peplink to transfer the device across, this will mean you loose all of the previously captured data

Option 4
Login to the device and disable InControl2 management, this will enable to to locally manage the device though you will loose the advantages of management and monitoring from InControl2. To do this, disconnect all WAN & LAN Connections, plug one laptop into a LAN port, factory reset the device, login as admin navigate to the setting to disable InControl2, then reconnect WAN & LAN cables and rebuild your required setup.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

My objective: Change Email for my IC2 Organization>Admin>SuperOrganizer

Note: I am single-person Organization. Simple.

How do I change my Email address?

Thank you.

Hello @n16cd6r7dyut1d8,
Here are some basic steps to get you through:

  • Login with your older Super Administrative Login
  • Create at the organisational level a new Super Administrative Login
  • Logout of your older Super Administrative Login
  • Login with your new Super Administrative Login
  • Delete at the organisational level the older Super Administrative Login

If this does not work for you then you will need to raise a support ticket.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: