Incontrol2 - prominent display of (relatively) uninteresting information


Designing a user interface is challenging - and a key set of decisions is deciding what is important (and should be given prominence), what is useful (and should be displayed) and what constitutes visual noise (and should only be displayed in a context where it is not noise).

With IC2 v. 2.8.1 it seems to have been decided that on the group dashboard with all the devices displayed the most important piece of information is that a unit is no longer under warranty (it is displayed in full text, bright red). With a significant number of units being more than one year post-purchase and where extended warranties do not make fiscal sense this piece of information is (1) static and well known and (2) completely irrelevant to getting an overview of the current operational state of the organization.

It represents visual noise.

Please reconsider and get rid of this (or tell me how we can get rid of it). Please.