Incontrol2 Ports inbound or outbound?

Hello. I’m a drop confused about Incontrol2 ports needed to work with my peplink Balance router.

Do I have to allow open up certain ports (and perhaps port-forward them) to allow the peplink router to receive commands from the outside, or does the peplink establish these connections outbound?

I would think the latter, since not everyone has fixed IP addresses, but just wanted to make sure. Also, I’ve seen several ports listed on various posts, so wanted to know the absolute minimum needed to be sure they are “open”. Finally, how can I test from a computer running on the LAN network the accessibility of the incontrol2 cloud?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

It does. You shouldn’t need to open any ports at all.

Login to incontrol 2 see if the device is showing as online if it is then its talking to IC2, then start a remote web admin session from Incontrol2. If that works also then you are all good.