Incontrol2 / PepVPN setup


I have a new Balance 305 that I am trying to add to my VPN. Every time I try to save it says ‘Save Failed’.

I have a 19 other devices. My LAN subnet on this one is if that is pertinent.The device was adopted in Incontrol with no issues.

I figure this is something very minor.


Thanks for reaching out, we would be happy to assist you here. As some of the needed information may be sensitive we would ask that you open a support ticket with us here:

We will then get your reseller involved if needed and get you a resolution on this.


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Were you able to resolve this issue? We are experiencing the same problem, but for us its much more critical as none of our profiles are working and our network is hard down.

I’ve looked into the most recent deployments and the matter should be resolved. Pepvpn profile saves should vaildate and apply properly now.

I apologise for the inconvenience


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