InControl2 - Outbound Policies including Grouped Networks


We have one production environment where we applied outbound rules using grouped networks (consisting of around 80 IP addresses) as destination addresses.
We probably will have more than 100 devices in the same group and would like to apply these outbound policy at once. I tried to copy outbound policy through InControl2 group but it gave me an error saying that outbound rules including grouped networks can not be copied, it’s not supported yet.

Can you please add this feature as a request? Otherwise, we will have to write more than 80 outbound rules with some network summarization done before. However, this is not really a feasable way.

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Yücel Özdemir

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Same problem encountered while trying to import a configuration of one router to adapt it for another one with different Wan’s (ie Balance 30 to Balance 20 or vice versa).

Also same for different source or destination IP’s on a 100 different routers. Not willing to create one rule/Group per router I had to create a Grouped Network containing all addresses and deploy it to all routers (so all routers receives a Network Group containing all source or destination addresses even if it uses only one of them). So only one rule with one Network Group for all but … This because there is no kind of automatic IP settings for Grouped Networks.

@yucelistik and @svenbijvoet
We have the following design in our mind. Users will be able to first import their grouped networks from a config file. Users will also be able to import outbound policy rules with grouped networks.

An outbound rule referring to grouped networks that have already been imported or created will be imported with the grouped networks of the same names be selected automatically. If a rule’s referred grouped network(s) do not exist, the grouped network selection menu in the rule will be left blank. The rule cannot be saved until all empty grouped network fields have a grouped network selected.

@svenbijvoet I am not sure about your situation. But would the above design fit your need?

Hello Michael,

Your design seems perfect and would save us huge amount of time and effort.
Do you possibly have an ETA for this feature?


ETA: Jan, 2021.

Great news! Thank you for the answer Michael, have a great day.


I was waiting for Yücel’s reply because it’s his post but also fine for me.
Thank you.

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