inControl2 offline alerts

Are there any plans to have the ability to disable instant offline alerts in the e-mail notifications? I have my first level notification set at 5 minutes and my second level set at 30 minutes but also receive instant notification if a device goes offline. Some cellular networks like Verizon force a disconnect every 24 hours so I receive dozens of e-mails when the units get disconnected and reconnect each day. It really makes the e-mail notifications useless since i really just want to know if the unit has gone offline and couldn’t reconnect.

Also often times I get notification that a unit has gone offline but don’t get the notification that the unit has come back online but when I login to inControl2 the unit is back online.

You may want to submit a support ticket via, so our support team can look into it.

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Hi 1wheeler1,

Does Verizon force disconnect at around the same time every day? If yes, in the Group-wide Settings page, I suggest you to setup a “Silence Period”. During the period, no notifications for the group’s devices will be sent out.

For the “no online notification” issue, as WeiMing said, please file a support ticket and let us know what time and which device you experienced the problem. Thanks!

No, it’s actually about every 23 hours and can change so I get the offline messages throught the entire day.

I’ll see about creating a ticket. It happens quite often on multiple units and carriers. When looking at the activity log in inControl2 it also doesn’t show the unit ever came online although it is actually online.

In the coming release, you will be able to select which kind of notifications (Device up/down, WAN up/down and SpeedFusion up/down) you want to receive. But note that if you opt out Device up/down alerts, and in case the device has just a single WAN, you will not be able to receive the WAN down event until it goes online.

For the missing online alert issue, we received your ticket. We will follow up over there.

Thanks, I opened the ticket last week but haven’t heard back.

I would like to receive the device down alert but would like the option of setting a time period befor the alert generates. Currently I have my notification options set at offline for 5 minutes and again offline at 30 minutes. When a device goes offline I receive and immediate alert, then after 5 minutes another alert, then after 30 minutes a final alert. I would like to be able to disable the immediate notification and only get the alert after offline for 5 minutes. I only have 12 units on inControl2 and probably get 20-30 email a day. Most from the Verizon forced disconnect/reconnect.

Hi 1wheeler1,

Our support team replied you on Friday and asked you to update us with the next offline message you get. Anyways, we just checked there was an offline and online event. We are following it up and will get back to you later today through the ticket.

Understood. An immediate alert should not be sent out with your setting. We will also get back to you today.

Hi 1wheeler1,

The ticket has been updated. Please check.

We have verified that the system does not send out immediate offline alerts with your setting.

For example, a device (s/n ended with 9DD) was offline at 2014-04-13 22:35:47. An offline alert was sent out at 22:42:34. No alert for the event was sent before that.

The device was online again at 22:49:50. An online alert was sent at 22:50:34.

Could you please send us a recent copy of immediate offline alert over the support ticket? We will investigate. BTW, I’d also suggest you to change the first level of offline alert time from 5 mins to, say, 10 mins. I suspect sometimes such kind of offline may last for more than 5 mins.