Incontrol2 - IP Access Restrictions

Do we have the ability to limit what IP addresses can access our organization’s instance within InControl2?

Dear @drunktank

we would like to understand your goal better:

  1. Are you speaking about public InControl2 service or private appliance?
  2. What do you want to filter by source IP? A) devices; B) WebAdmin users; C) both
  3. What is the main reason of your wish?


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Hey Ricardas,

I’m speaking specifically about the public IC2 service. I was wondering if we could restrict access to our organization so that if one of our administrators logs in, they are only allowed to log in from a subset of specific WAN IP addresses. For example, I would like to limit access so that administrators can only take action on appliances if they are physically on premises or connecting to our internal network via VPN and using a VM in our environment to access it.


Not the public IC2 instance no. If you are running a private IC2 appliance then you can obviously protect it in any number of ways.