InControl2 Guide?

Is there an InControl2 guide available? I’ve found the beta guide but it looks like the features have changed quite a bit. I’ve put two MAX-BR1’s on InControl2 for testing as an alternative to Cradlepoint Enterprise manager which I’m currently using. One feature I can’t find is a way to view current or historical cellular signal strength. Is this possible?


The InControl 2 user guide is a work in progress and we will definitely have one available soon.

If you click on an individual device you will see the real-time signal strength expressed in bars, along with the location, speed and coordinates as well as a map showing the real-time location.

Feel free to provide your feedback on the InControl 2.

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is this one you was referring to? Which is work in progress? :slight_smile:

Over what period is the “Top Client Manufacturer” usage? Is it a week, month or something else?

The period is shown on the drop down menu on the top of the page. By default, it is “last month”.


I can’t find the location map you mentionned (and that I can see in the screenshot). Any configuration is required on the Device first (peplink Max on the go)


GPS and live location support is currently only available for MAX BR1 and HD2 only.

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does it available the IC guide?

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InControl2_Guide.pdf (2.32 MB)

I have attached the user guide for your reference.

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Is there an updated version of this Incontrol2 user guide. One of my customers asks me for it but this one is from 2015 and a lot of new great stuff since then :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.

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Have you last version link ? please Tim