InControl2 group clone is incomplete: tag -> VLAN/SSID mapping does not get copied

An IC2 group with multiple SSIDs and VLANS, these being activated for a device based on the device’s tags.

When the IC2 group is cloned, the new group gets the VLAN and SSID definitions copied from the source group. The new group also inherits the mappings of the SSIDs to the corresponding VLANs.

However, the mapping (or assignment) of “activating” tags for the VLANs and SSIDs do not get copied over: For both SSIDs and VLANs the new group has them associated with all devices, not retaining the activation structure created for the source group..

For the cloned group one has to manually set all the enabling tagging for both SSIDs and VLANs, a rather tedious task.

Feature request:
Let the cloned group inherit the tag settings from the source group.

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