InControl2 False Offline alert

Been fighting with InControl2 False Offline alert since my day 1 on it.

Still have not been resolved.

Keep opening tickets but no luck, is it just me or some one else seeing this?


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:04:46 +0000
From: InControl 2 <[email protected]>
To: [email]

Subject: Offline alert: 1 device in Indy

1 device offline for more than 60 minutes at 2014-03-27 11:04Z20_3GWRiverside (2830-E0C8-8D3A) - “Pepwave Surf SOHO”

-------------------END OF THE EMAIL

And device currently online, and it was down only for few seconds.

Here is report and it matches DATA from our monitoring system: Online / Offline History [TABLE=“class: display table table-bordered, width: 100%”]

        [TH]Offline Time[/TH]
        [TH]Online Time[/TH]
        Thu, Mar 27 10:04:10
        Thu, Mar 27 10:04:33
        a few seconds
  But I received Email alert was sent first that device was offline      longer then 10 minutes, now see above offline more then 60      minutes.
  little bit annoying then you have almost 100 devices.

Yes, I’ve been receiving many false notifications. The systems connected to our PepWave MAX-BR1’s have a 30 second heartbeat that hasn’t gone down when inControl is indicating they are down.


We are aware of the false alerts and are working to mitigate this. Will update once done.

AT least I’m glad that I’m not crazy and not only one seeing this :)))

We also see the system was sending out some false alarms out last week. In the weekend, we identified the cause and have applied some fixes. So we see the system should have stopped sending out false alarms since Saturday. We will keep monitoring the system closely to avoid the similar problem from happening again.

Ok, things much improved since then!


Much better, now we can talk actually start using it as monitoring tool.

My Balance 1350 keeps showing offline in incontrol but i can ping its WAN IP - really odd.

@nn7686 can your Balance 1350 resolve Incotrol URL?

I hope you will find this article useful.


Our PDX LTEA started throwing “SIM card switch over alert: " errors after upgrading to 8.2.0 build 5305. There are no SIM cards installed which is what you see on the InControl screen but when you drill into each card slot via remote web admin you see: (SIM Card Detected) for the A slot and (SIM Card Detected) (In Use) for the B slot. There are no and have been no SIM cards installed in this for quite some time. The device throws alerts as it cycles thru all 4 SIM modules. There’s nothing to :switch over” to because there are no cards. How do we clear these alerts?