InControl2 disabled and local not accepting password

InControl 2 access is disabled and the Balance One will not accept the login credentials. I had the employee step me through his config changes and it appears he went to InControl then went to remote web admin and changed the balance one to be controlled locally. Now we are unable to login either way. What can we do to regain access?

Hi @SWoods - welcome to the Forum.

If they have change the Web Admin password but don’t know what it is and IC2 reporting has been disabled then I can think of only one solution, hold the reset button for 5 seconds, this should reset the admin password to the default p/w again.

If that doesn’t work, it will need to be factory reset. If it was online on InControl recently, it should have saved a recent config file to InControl - so after the factory reset, you can upload the last known Config.

I hope this helps,


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HI Steve Taylor

Thank you for the quick response and resetting the password worked perfect. Thank you again.