InControl2 configuring a PepVPN topology with AP One AC Mini

Current setup: Balance 380 hub with a number of peplink devices (Balance One, B30, B20, B380, Max) connected by PepVPN.
The PepVPN topology is configured using InControl2.

Target configuration: Adding an AP One AC Mini behind a NAT’ed router.

Status: The AP is registered (and visible from) InControl2

Issue: InControl2 does not list the AP as one of the possible leaf nodes for the pepVPN hub configuration.
My understanding is that adding the pepVPN link to the hub manually is not possible, since the pepVPN configuration with the pepVPN connections with the other devices are controlled by InControl2, and one cannot mix manual and InControl2 controlled configurations.

Please advise.

Any reason you need the AP One AC Mini to be listed as a leaf node for the PepVPN hub configuration? You want to establish PepVPN between Balance 380 and AP One AC Mini?

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That is correct.

It is a leaf node because of the deployment location around the world from the B380.
Since an AP One AC Mini does support PepVPN, all I am asking for is that this configuration component be handled by IC2, since all the other VPN connections of the organization are handled by IC2 which prevents configuring the PepVPN connection manually, outside of IC2.

Currently IC2 does not support configuring PepVPN on APs. We will implement it in later releases.

In the next release (to be launched in late Sept), it will allow you to create manual profiles. Manual profiles are like the VPN profiles you create on the web admin. But now you create them on IC2. So on the APs’ web admin, you could change them to router mode and define them a PepVPN profile. Then you create the corresponding manual profiles on IC2 for the hub site.


That’s good news. Just to make sure I understand: for the PepVPN hub (the 380) in IC2 I will be able to add the VPN to the AP to the set of other VPNs previously defined in IC2 for the hub?

Sounds like just the ticket. :slight_smile:

Correct, but it will be available in later releases, not in the coming release.

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