Incontrol2 client report, Difference between connected wifi client and clients with usage

Would like to know the different between connected wifi client vs clients with usage ?
As i check the report that connected wifi clients are must more higher then clients with usage.
So i would like to understand what are their difference ?

If I understanding this correctly:

  1. Connected WiFi clients are the people currently connected to the AP, which doesn’t mean they are performing any activities. Just because the device is connected, doesn’t mean it’s using it.

  2. However, clients with usage, will tell you what % of the bandwidth is being used that this group.


Hi Johny,
If the user will be prompt for portal login once they are connected, will these users are consider connected wifi client or client with usage ? This are the part which confuse me.

By hovering over the question mark sign next to the “Clients” heading in the Wi-Fi reports page, you will see the following description:

“Clients with usage” represents the number of unique clients who have accessed devices and consumed bandwidth on each indicated date. “Connected Wi-Fi Clients” represents the number of connected Wi-Fi clients only. Ethernet clients are excluded.

If the portal page is IC2’s and the client loads the portal automatically, then the client shall be considered as both type of clients. It is because the “Usage” refers to Internet/WAN usage and the captive portal is loaded from IC2 (at least partially) on the Internet.

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Thanks for the respond. but let say the portal is no on incontrol, but is
on other device such as mikrotik. Then the prompt of the page that the
users saw . Will the users being consider as connected Wi-Fi clients only ?

As long as a client connected to a Peplink/Pepwave device’s Wi-Fi AP, it is a connected Wi-Fi client regardless there is any captive portal or the client consumed Internet bandwidth or not. So the answer of your question obviously is yes.

If a client accessed a captive portal on the WAN side of the Peplink/Pepwave device, the client is considered as a “client with usage”.

Hi Michael,
Morning, noted. Thanks for the explanation. May i know under what
circumstances where by the “connected client” is way higher compare with
“client with usage” ? This it just to make sure i have configure everything

Your chart does not look normal. In your setup, both bars’ should be with the same or similar height. We are looking at it and will come back to you later.

Morning Micheal,
Noted with thanks, if you need to access or check any setting on my
configuration please do let me know. Thank You.

Hi Michael and kiewkit. I am having the exact same problem with all my PEPWAVE devices (Router MAX-BR1-LTE US-T) InControl2 seems to be throwing wrong numbers. I, for example, have 873 Connected Wi-Fi clients and only 21 Clients with usage in one day in one device.

Hi Michael,
Any update on the report issue in incontrol2 ?

Sorry, it takes longer time than expected. We are still actively investigating this issue. We will keep you posted.

We identified three issues.

First, please upgrade the APs to firmware 3.5.4. Prior to firmware 3.5.4, if a client consumed bandwidth momentarily, the firmware may not be able to spot the usage. So it caused the number of clients with usage to be fewer than the actual amount.

Second, we found IC2 had a problem in processing the client usage data reported from devices. Last hour’s clients sometimes were incorrectly counted as the current hour’s. It affected both bars in the chart. We applied to a fix on this Monday.

Third, some “Connected Wi-Fi Clients” bars in the hourly chart may be missing. The cause is identified. We are working on it.

Please let us know if you still find any problem (except the third issue above) after you upgraded the firmware. Thank you for your patient and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

HI Michael ,
Thanks for the feedback, it is advisable to do a remote firmware upgrade
from incontrol2 ? will it overwrite any setting on the AP ? as i have
static ip address set for every AP.

So the upgrade should be done in here right?

It makes no difference between upgrading locally or remotely. All settings will be preserved.
Yes the screen is right.

Morning Michael,
Noted, i will try to upgrade and see will it resolve the issued or not.
Will update you again on this issue after i do a remote upgrade tonight.