Incontrol2 Client Bandwidth Total

You can no longer sort clients by upload, download or total bandwidth (which I use all the time). Is this by design or is something broken?

The sorting on the upload, download and total columns had been disabled because the sorting feature available previously actually was not fully correct. It could only sort the usage of the 25 clients on the current page. It could not sort all clients on all pages. (Sorting all clients’ usage will involve retrieving ALL clients’ usage from ALL devices. It may generate unpredictably high load to the system.)

We just made an adjustment. When there are less than or equal to 25 clients, the sorting feature will be re-enabled on the three fields.

Understand and it does seem to work as described. I have a unit with exactly 25 clients and it sorted fine but as soon as they went to 27 it was disabled. What about making it for just All clients on **one device (the one you are viewing)? Could you then increase the number to say 40 or 50? What about VLAN’s, assume the count is including clients on all VLAN’s, correct?


Hi Rexymav we made the following change. On the group level client list, you can sort by bandwidth for 25 or less clients. On the device level’s client list, you can sort by bandwidth for 100 or less clients.

Yes, clients on all VLANs are included.

Much better, thanks and glad to see it’s working again!