InControl2 Auto Config

InControl2 would be served well by a function that would let you download a configuration file from a unit and save it to a group. When new routers are added to the group, they automatically pull that full configuration file once they are online and check in with IC2. Currently this will work for SSID/SpeedFusion settings, but it would be great if it was the full configuration file (firewall rules, WAN settings, etc)

Some of our customers (and us at 3Gstore) use the ‘hidden’ configuration cloning tool, but it requires a master device to be online, and all devices that we want to clone the config on need to be online as well. This works, but not for every use case.



We did tweek the config cloning process. Now it is called “Bulk Configurator” in which you will just need to upload a config (doesn’t require a physical device to clone from, but does it from the file itself), hope this is what you are looking for. Accessible under group settings.

Great news! I see this feature was added as of the 13th, just last month, great timing as well! Will this automatically configure devices in the group as well when they come online, or do I have to manually click something like we did with the cloning process?

Hi Kevin,

More option will be available after you uploaded the bulk configuration. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot:

You can actually set the configuration time to “Immediately” or define the scheduler.

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Hello @sitloongs,

I’ve tried to apply a configuration via the bulk configurator but it seems that this does not apply the firewall rules. Is it expected that the firewall rules would be pushed to the devices when using the bulk configurator?

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Hi Lieven,

Please ensure you push the config to the same model. I tested Bulk Configurator by uploading a config file (with firewall rules) of Balance 30. The firewall rules successfully pushed into my Balance 30.

Hello @TK Liew,

thanks for your feedback. The devices are all MAX BR1 LTE devices. I have downloaded the config file from the master device and uploaded it to the groups settings > bulk configurator.

There I have configured the option to push the configuration ‘immediately’ and under device selection I have selected the option ‘with none of the following tags’ and there I have added a tag that I have assigned to devices in the group that already have been manually configured.

I then assume that when I add new devices to the group that don’t have the tag that I selected in the previous step, that they will fetch the firmware that is configured to be used in the group (which they do) and that the configuration is applied automatically. This last step does not seem to be happening. Is there anything I can do to try to debug this further? Can I check then firewall rules are actually in the config file that I uploaded?

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You can actually load the configuration to a BR1 and check whether the firewall rules is there or not. Please do not apply the loaded settings to the BR1. After check on the settings, you can actually discard the changes from the BR1 WebAdmin dashboard.

If you confirm the firewall rules is include in the master configuration file, please open a support ticket here for us to check.

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Hello Sitloongs,

thanks for the reply, I’ve verified that the config file is OK. So I’ve opened a support ticket.

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