InControl2 and internet separation

I have recently configured a Balance One with three WAN connections, one wifi, one cellular and one satellite using InControl2. I also have a Speedfusion hub hosted in the cloud to give me external access. Configuring all this with IC2 was much easier than I imagined!

As the setup is on my boat, which goes offshore for multi-day passages, there will be extended times when my only connection is through satellite at 2.4 kbps, obviously not viable for IC2. So, it is possible that the need may arise to re-configure part of this setup at a time when I can’t use IC2, for example if something breaks.

My question then is if I have to disable IC2 to reconfigure something manually do I lose my IC2 configuration on the devices on board the boat, or do the devices retain their last known IC2 configuration?

What is your use case for connecting a 2.4kbps connection to the mix?

Downloading weather files (GRIBS) while offshore, plus receiving text messages and sending position updates.

What settings do you think you will need to reconfigure that are currently being blocked locally?

Ideally you set things, including Outbound rules, so the device works seamlessly without manual tweaks. You can impose limitations on how the satellite connection is used.

Simply thinking through the scenario where a part of the system breaks out at sea and it becomes necessary to do a work around to keep the boat’s on board network up and running.

You should be able to set up your network so its all automatic. I had mine setup to do everything I needed from handling things differently at the dock, to under way, based on available WANs.

You’d probably want to focus on the devices, protocols, and hosts that need to be used/accessed while on satellite and write rules specific to those.

Sorry, I think I might not have been completely clear.

The something breaking that I’m thinking through is if something physically breaks (e.g. the Balance) and I have to re-purpose other devices to cover it.

The WAN switchover side of things is already addressed.

Sorry, I am not following. So you are worried about a hypothetical where the Peplink device breaks and you need to repurpose non-peplink devices? How would that have anything to do with IC2? Or are you carrying a spare Peplink device you want to substitute?