InControl Will Remove Google ID Sign-in for Captive Portals at the End of September

Hello InControl user,

Google recently introduced a new secure browser policy prohibiting Google OAuth requests in embedded webviews. This new policy will cause the Google ID sign-in feature in InControl’s captive portal system to stop working after September 30, 2021 . As such, Peplink will also remove the feature from InControl managed captive portals on the same day.

As you have one or more InControl organizations with captive portal(s) that have enabled Google ID sign-in, we strongly encourage you to disable the Google ID sign-in feature for all of your captive portals before September 30, 2021 . Doing so will allow you to verify your captive portals before the Google ID sign-in feature is removed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Peplink InControl team

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