InControl - Tweaks to device IP settings in a group

The device IP settings is very useful to push config to devices en masse, a couple of tweaks to it would be very useful if they are able to be implemented.

1: Ability to only change certain fields - eg: you only want to change DNS setting fields and leave all other IP configuration intact and as currently configured, leave those other fields blank the push then ignores those fields and only sends fields with data in them (eg: new DNS servers entered in the CSV).

2: Ability to push config to all devices of a certain type without having to enter all the serial numbers into the CSV, for example all MAX series devices or all AP series devices.

1: That’s actually problematic. Empty fields have a specific meaning at the moment - set an empty value to the device (which effectively means ‘use the device default setting’).

2: Potentially doable. What would be the reason for using this over the existing bulk config mechanic?

On point 2 it would be a simpler mechanism than having to gather the serials into a CSV first, if you could just select a type or series of device and capture all of those (or alternatively all devices with the tag of “X” as an example)