Incontrol source interface

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Short question for you, it’s sometime a mistery for me to understand the source interface used by peplink for Incontrol Communication.
sometime, source interface is one of the WAN one and sometime the Lan …
Is there a way to force that ? a parameter somewhere is missed ??

I got a real exemple with a customer with one central site and one remote. Between both there is a SF. Central Balance, instead of using his Internet Wan interface for IC comm, it using his Lan one (gateway for the is the Firewall on the LAn) … don’t understand why :frowning_face:

Thx for your help.


Not sure what the internal logic is for choosing a connection to communicate with IC2 either, but if I want to be sure of which way that goes I set up a DNS based outbound policy for * and prioritise it via a specific WAN.

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Hi Martin,

Thx for your answer. Should be nice either to have an explanation about how it works or to have a check box in the GUI for choosing it :slight_smile:



Martin is mostly right. Devices just route IC2 communication traffic to its WANs/VPNs according to its outbound policy, static routes, and routes learned from PepPVN peers. “Send all traffic to a PepVPN peer” option also governs.

You may refer to this page for IC2 server IP addresses.


Thx all for your help.


Check this please @Asem