incontrol says device is offline but device is online and is working

my max br1 mini is offline in incontrol but device is working and status led is green too !

Did you check Incontrol settings?

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Thank your for your answer.

Since the device is displayed offline in incontrol, I have no access to these settings.

Ways to access other then Incontrol2.
Wan ip if public and firewall/admin settings are set to allow.
Pepvpn interface ip if pepvpn tunnel to another location
teamviewer/remote control software to a device behind the network.
sms control, reboot, query the device state. (I’ll seperately add a suggestion to remotely enable ic2 via sms!)

Are any of these possible?

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You don’t have a remote/local access to device?

Could your IC2 subscription have lapsed? (E.g. end of warranty or PrimeCare period)?

Just guessing…



Device is not with me. That’s why I don’t have local access to it. And since the device is displayed offline, I can’t do anything via the dashboard too

As you are said, I think the only way to solve this problem would be teamviewer/remote control software on a device behind the network.

We are currently facing this issue.

Starlink is offline, the router is still connected via the secondary link.

On Icontrol2, it is showing the router is offline.

When connected directly to the router, the status is showing that the router is online.


Found the issue, my outbound policy did not allow the router to go to the internet.

Adjust it and now it is online again.

Hey Chee, were you able to set this remotely or was this something you needed to do locally?