InControl route and GPS issues

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My friends i have a little doubt in InControl 2. (Protege S.A. Project)

The GPS route is traced with blue line and arrows to inform the direction and trajectory.

So in some places the line is dashed, non-continuos.

My question is: when line is dashed the GPS is gone? And more, we need up WAN (cell or wi-fi or other) to trace route and position to InControl 2? (we have a buffer or ohter method to save position when connection is gone?)

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This is probably the Max device was lost the internet connection.

The GPS info will store in Max device for 10 minutes if internet connection is not available.

Understood my friend,

So the blue dashed lines represents the internet connection fail or GPS fail?

I need check or mark any flag in MAX to works with a 10 min buffer? This method is automatic?

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Sorry for confusing. Let me explain further on this.

As mentioned, Max device managed to store GPS info for 10 minutes. You will see a solid line if the device lost internet connection for 5 minutes only. If the device lost internet connection for 60 minutes, you will see a solid line for last 10 minutes and dashed line for the earlier 50 minutes.

If the area without GPS signal, you will see dashed line as well.

The 10 minutes buffer is a built in feature and it was automated.

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Very clear now and before :slight_smile:

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