InControl RESTful API - bandwidth issue


I’m using /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/bandwidth

No matter what wan_id I pass I always get the aggregate bandwidth returned across all WAN ids.

This is the case for hourly, daily and monthly reports (haven’t tried realtime).

The device I’m testing with has three WANs (WAN, WifiWAN and Cellular), querying each WAN’s bandwidth returns the same as specifying no WAN id - i.e. all.

I’ve tried using the documented wan_id param as well as the network_id used by the AJAX calls in the console.

It’s either a really simple error on my part, or the API is not applying WAN id filters.


We double checked on and we don’t find any problem. The returned usage figures of, say, WAN 1 (bandwidth?type=daily&wan_id=1) is different from that of WAN 2 (bandwidth?type=daily&wan_id=2), and is also different from that of the sum of all WANs (bandwidth?type=daily). Note that the first portion of the json output is WAN names which is the same for different WANs. But the second portion contains usage figures which should be different from one WAN to another.

If you still see the problem, please PM me the URLs you called. I could check it up for you.

So for anyone else using curl to test the API, don’t forget to quote the URL in the command line :slight_smile:

Thx to Michael for pointing this out.

well… good to know I’m not the only one to struggle :wink:

On my side it is the Oauth2 that is giving me pains via python.