Incontrol renewal "auto-renew" option and/or serial number copy

Getting kind of annoying managing incontrol license renewal now that I have well over 100 peplink devices. I am requesting ability to set up auto-renewal.

Also, when doing manual renewal now you can easily display a list of devices about to expire, but there is no way to easily get a list of the serial numbers.
You can export ALL devices, but that does not help
Or you have to drill down on each device and copy the serial number to paste into the cart

My request is a set of check boxes on the “expiring devices” screen, with a “copy selected serial numbers to clipboard” button. So select them, click, go to cart and paste them in.
Right now, if you are doing 20 of them it is 10 to 20 minutes and easy to miss one.

Do you think this helps?

Yes, that would work. It would be nice to be able to just export or copy to clipboard the serial numbers, as well as do a full export of all the info.

The provided feature here is available in InControl2 now. You can check the expired devices and export those info (as shown on the screenshot) into CSV file.