InControl Questions


  1. Is there a demo somewhere where users (without peplink devices) can access and look around?

  2. Can you create configuration profiles and push them to groups of devices to ease administration

  3. Deploy firmware to multiple devices / groups

  4. Is there a comprehensive list of features and capabilities of InControl

Thank you.


2/3. For this inquiry you may want to check our our FREE Cloud based management system InControl. We currently have our new InControl2 that is available for you to test as it is in “Beta”. From InControl you can push Firmware/Configurations to single or multiple units. There also a lot of other great features to look at also.

  1. Here is a brief overview of IC2 (More information about IC2 I suspect is being put together still as it is in beta, unless someone else has more information) Otherwise in the meantime if you run into anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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@StylusPilot, currently, we have no live demo for InControl. But, this would be good suggestion that we will definitely consider it.