InControl Problems with Ap One

I hope this is the right section to discuss my problem.

I have a balance 380 and a Ap one. InControl had 3 wireless networks managing my Ap one. I have tired to change the password to one of my wireless networks with no success. When i save the changes and check the Web Admin, the password for the wireless is still the same. What am I missing?

And also i can only see 2 wireless ssids in the Web Admin not the 3.

Any suggestions?



I’m wondering if the configuration profile in InControl was synced properly. Does it say the date and time when the profile was synced under “Device Properties” > “Settings” > “Configuration” Tab? (Please also make sure that the firmware is 3.3.1.) If it’s showing the appropriate date and time, I will try to create a new profile instead of cloning the existing one. Then you can apply it to the AP One to see if that works or not. If this didn’t work, I would factory reset the AP One. Then, InControl would automatically apply its new configuration to the AP One. Your feedback is very much appreciated.