InControl pepVPN conf - Devices is from other groups is not to be found


When i create a new pepVPN profile in incontrol it just shows endpoint devices from ONE of my groups.
My other devices, active in other groups, doesnt show up. If I move a device from one of these groups to the one that shows under endpoint devices they show up.
How do i manage the groups to all show up under endpoint devices?

Hi @Patrik,

You need to create the PepVPN Profile at the Organisation level, then you will be able to select devices from multiple groups to be included in the profile.


When you add a profile, you are asked to select which group has the “Hub” device, and then select the device from within the group. You can then add other devices from other groups (without PepVPN profiles) to the configuration.

Note - for testing, I used a “Star” topology.

I hope this helps,



Hi Steve!

I’ve create a pepVPN profile at the Organisation level with a device x in group x
Group y with device y doesnt show up under device end points when i try to create a pepVPN profile at Organisation level.
When i move device y to group x it shows up at device endpoints

This was the problem in group y :slight_smile: