InControl Organisation

Would it be possible for someone to tell me the email address associated with a device.
This is a Max Duo that we purchased new from supplier, supplier does not have it linked to InControl but somebody does!

Well, there’s a bit of a problem there. I am guessing the device was not acquired from a Peplink Partner or Peplink Certified Engineer. The warranty on that router expired in 2020 which suggests it was first sold in 2019. The fact that it is registered to another owner would tend to corroborate that.

I think the first thing I would do it return it to the organization you refer to as your “supplier.” Peplink’s present policy is not to intervene in IC2 registration issues.

You may also want to delete the serial number in your message.


I did purchase direct from a Peplink Partner in 2019, since then we have used several simm supplier and one of them must have registered my device with InControl.

Log a ticket with Peplink and speak with your original Peplink partner.
Since the partner can confirm your identity since they sold you the router you might find that Peplink can help more in this case.

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