Incontrol On Premise Appliance (ICA?) still available?


A Government customer requires an incontrol appliance that is installed on their premises, the units would connect via the open internet but due to internal policy the servers cannot be stored outside their datacenter.

A few years ago i remember seeing an ICA option in the peplink store, but now its gone.

What would be the best way to proceed in this scenario?, is there still an on-premises ICA option for sale? what are the limits/costs? where/how do we buy it (were a partner)? how do we set it up, from what I’ve been reading on the forums seems like its a VMware image, but does not explain what configs need to be changed on the remote side.

Any help would be appreciated, forums on this topic seem a bit bare (or the search function cant find it)

There are many many ICA installs out there. You can still download the images for testing from its download page along with the setup guide Firmware & Documentation- Peplink

With regards purchasing and cost as a partner you should speak with your Peplink account manager.

Thanks for the response, we will contact our account manager to get more info.