Incontrol: more control on devices

Hi there…

I’d like to have more centralized control on devices… let’s say I have 30 BR1 and I have to change something about web filtering… ATM I can only edit them on the single device, one at time…

thank you



We will improve the InControl2 centralize device configuration from time to time.

Current solution please consider Group Settings –> Bulk Configurator feature to achieve your request.

Group settings:

Bulk Configurator:

You can actually upload the define configuration using the Bulk Configurator and push the configuration into applicable devices.

Thank You

I know I can push conf file to my devices… but I can’t understand if doing so I’ll set all devices to have the same name etc… it is not clear to me



We will improve the description given for the Bulk Configurator.

Hostname/Time Zone/WI-FI/PepVPN settings will not being overwrite and will follow profile settings defined in InControl2.

Thank You

great, thank you