InControl lose sight of devices


For no apparent reason, InControl is losing total sight of some of my deveices ( MOTG, HD4) and is from time to time losing sight of another one HD2.

These 3 devices are connected to the same fusionhub and never lost their connection, speedfusion is up and running for a while now.

This is really annoying for several reasons:

First, I can’t manage them as any other device in my pool.
Second, the message sent by the automated mailing system is wrong. It states that my device is offline but it is not the case. False alarming makes the whole concept of alarming inefficient.
Third, it is unpredictible
Fourth, to get them back for a while, i have to do a factory reset…

Does anyone experience this also? My ticket number is 749221, add yours if you do…

Would it still happen with a private instance of InControl? I 'd like to have feedback from end-users on their experiences with such private instance.

Thanks & kind regards,

With the version of firmware on your devices, we find that they could not talk to IC2 over SpeedFusion when they send all traffic to a FusionHub. A firmware link has been sent to you privately. The problem should be fixed after you upgraded the devices with the firmware.