InControl License

Hello, I recently ordered the purchase of Peplink equipment and I am interested in the InControl2 tool. As I understand it, it is included in the free warranty services of the first year. How do I get the license for InControl2 Management?


As long as your device having active warranty or IC2 subscription then you are entitle to use the IC2 Cloud Base Device Management. You just need to go to the following URL to register a account and you can start exploring the available feature for IC2.

The device will simply showing offline in IC2 when the warranty or IC2 subscription is expired and it will resume the service after the subscription/hardware warranty renewed

If you did not have the active warranty or IC2 subcription for your device, you can refer to the following

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Thank you very much for the help!!

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The information you shared above is great. I have been reading all details you described here. In this you described very well. If I want any more guideline I will contact you here lottery