InControl is offline but we can connect to the WIFI


We have an issue with a router. We can see the router is offline in InControl but it is possible to connect to the WIFI from the router and browse. Seems like the internet from the LAN cable from the router is not working either. Warranty is ok for another year so that is not the issue.

Do you know why this could be? What should be our next step for troubleshooting this?


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Klara Ottosson


Possible to let us know the device model that you are owning now ?

Beside that, can you please use the ping test tools from the device to confirm device internet connectivity:

  1. ping
  2. ping
  3. ping
  4. ping

P/S: Make sure you are choosing the correct WAN to perform the ping test.

Ping test Tools

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The model is Pepwave MAX BR1.

How do we ping? Do we just write for example “” in the description and press start?


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Yes, you would put in the destination field and press start.