Incontrol feature req - showing device licenses applied

As an MSP we would find this feature very useful, so the ability to see on incontrol for auditing purposes what devices have which licenses applied. EG: If we have max transit DUO’s with bonding licenses installed or HD4’s with LAN as WAN port licenses.

The key reason is for auditing on break fix, if we need to replace a device we will keep spare licenses so we need to carefully track which devices have licenses applied on them if they need replacing and we need to put a license on the replacement device and then put the relinquished license back into our spares pool.

Aside from anything its useful from an estate audit point of view to be able to see how many of each license type we have out there and on what devices.


It does make sense. Feature activation (FA) key names will be included in the Device Details screen in the next major IC2 release. The CSV file for a device list will also include the devices’ FA key names.