[InControl] Disable Device and Firmware Management features


InControl 2 can make Management and Configuration very “hands-off” by automating the config process. However, there’ll be deployments that need to take the direct approach and manage things manually.

InControl allows you to limit what it controls via the “InControl Options” section (Group Level > Settings > InControl Options). The first two options are what we’ll be covering, Disable Device Configuration and Disable Firmware Management.

The Disable Device Configuration option disables InControl’s configuration options and will not push any change updates to the applicable Group you’re working with. You are able to build policies but are not able sync configuration to the local unit.

Once enabled, you’ll see a Lock icon for the applicable Group.

Disable Firmware Management works similar to the Disable Device Config option but applies to Firmware. This will disable Group Level Firmware options from InControl 2. You are able to build policies but are not able download firmware to the local units.

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