InControl Device URL

I once stumbled on a URL for InControl where I could use the Serial Number of a Pepwave to redirect to the page for the relevant device, as long as it’s registered in the account I have access to. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what that URL was and cannot locate any documentation of it.

It was something like:[SER-IAL-NUM]

Can anyone point me in the right direction? This would be very helpful, rather than having to look up the group and ID of a device by API to locate the relevant page.


URL’s used to be:[SER-IAL-NUM]/cgi-bin/MANGA/index.cgi?

I believe this has changed recently and is now:

Looks like that old address successfully redirects to the new one you indicated, which is helpful.

I was actually looking for the URL that redirects to the InControl Device Details page ({OrgID}/n/{GroupID}/d/{DeviceID}/overview), rather than the device’s Remote Web Admin page. Apologies for not being specific in my original post.

It is InControl 2

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Ha. I knew it was something simple. Thank you!