InControl Captive Portal- Email Login fails

Dear All,
We have setup an organization and a group under it in the InControl. We have added 6x Pepwave Enterprise One AP. SSIDs created and a Captive Portal configured to allow Guest Access with Email. The idea is that once the guest connects to our wireless, we will collect his data (Name, phone, email) then allow him access to the Internet. Everything works as planned to the point of user entering his information, except that the guest user is never successful of accessing his email account to check for the sent verification email , and from there his 5-min allowed period expires and he never succeeds to access internet. Has anyone came across this issue? Has anyone have a successful similar setup? Thanks

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I tested there is no problem to access my e-mail within the given of time (2 minutes by default) for the e-mail checking. I can access the internet after the e-mail verification.

I suggest getting help from local Peplink partner to further diagnose the problem.


Thank you TK,
The issue is that if you try to access Internet using a laptop, then your browser will through an SSL certificate error once you try to access your email (HTTPS) site to check your verification email. If you try to access Gmail account it will produce HSTS error (which is a sign that there is a man-in-the-middle SSL decryption and re-encryption between the client browser and Gmail server). Is the Captive Portal or the Access Point doing any SSL offloading?
I also tried accessing using my Android, and I received the verification email on the Gmail App. However when I open this verification email and click the link within it, the browser opens and it gives an SSL error. Not sure why this is happening!? If we access Internet directly without captive portal, we are not faced with any of these browser SSL security errors


Can you please share us the error message screenshots ?

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Thank you
Now it’s working as we have changed some settings under the Organization/Group Settings as was advised by the Peplink Support.

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I also attempted gaining access to the usage of my Android, and I acquired the verification electronic mail on the Gmail App and free emails from . However after I open this verification e-mail and click the hyperlink within it, the browser opens and it gives an SSL error.