Incontrol, balance 20, pepwave configuration

We need to configure the guest account on incontrol. We have already configured wifi, different ssid etc, working fine local. We have created a separate vlan for the mgmt of the pepwave. We now want to use users on the incontrol site to authenticate our guests. We created the portal and users, but we cant seem to associate it with the balance 20. We are also unable to get the pepwave online on the incontrol page. We tested a ping to a site works, but on the incontrol its offline.

Hi @Gerrardf,

Have you enabled InControl 2 management in the webinterface of the Balance 20?
If not, you can find this under System > InControl, after logging into the webinterface.
When this is not enabled, you will not be able to manage the Balance 20 via InControl 2.

When talking about a guest account/InControl authentication, do you mean the Social WiFi captive portal?
Keep in mind that this feature only works with WiFi enabled products, such as the Peplink Balance One.
If you’re using a Peplink Balance 20, you will probably need an Pepwave WiFi accesspoint to get Social WiFi working.

hi Joey

thanks for the reply. i managed to get it to work. we have balance 20 and
pepwave ac mini. one other question is does the balance 20 support tagged
and and untagged traffic on the same port?


Hi @Gerrardf,

My apologies for the delayed reply.

You will need 802.1q VLAN support, which is supported by all Balance routers.
The Balance 20 supports a maximum of 16 802.1q VLAN’s.