InControl App Ready for Android!

The InControl app is now available in the Play Store for testing on Android devices! Get a first look at the app now.

Download here


Q) What is the “InControl” app?

The InControl app is a companion app for InControl2 that allows you to monitor your networks in real-time while you are on the move. With this app, network management is not only remote, but also mobile.

Q) What can the “InControl” app do?

The InControl app can do many of the things that can be done normally on InControl. In addition, you can set up and receive alerts from your devices and networks, monitor network health, access event logs, and manage devices among many other features and capabilities.

Q) If I run into any problems with the app, where can I get support?

For support and the latest updates from the Peplink team, join our forum at


YAY! Thank you this has been needed for a long time.

Upon first glance I notice it is very responsive and allows access to everything including the Remote Admin pages. However, Remote Admin needs some pinch to zoom capability. It currently can not display an entire page without a lot of scrolling around.

Samsung Ultra S20+ 5G

Thank you!

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