Incontrol / AP One Demo Page

Dear Guys,

Looking for a demo page for Incontrol and AP One devices, like the one you have for Peplink.

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards.

Yes agreed. That is something we need to work on, Hootan.

Okay , you mean there’s no way to get some kind of demo access to Incontrol at this time ?

Do you have an InControl account, Hootan? You can open an account at in a minute and register one of the AP One you have for demo/eval, to showcase the InControl web interface.

Okay , Seems like we have no other choice.
Please think about creating one Demo page for Incontrol management system , also I recommend ability to create read-only users under Incontrol.

Thanks Kurt.

That’s for now, Hootan. I think there are values of having a demo on the website for InControl. This is something we need a bit time to work on though.

Good Luck.

Dear Kurt ,

what’s the requirements and price for having an Incontrol Management System in house ?
many company needs to deploy this solution on their own servers for security reasons.

Thanks and Regards.

It will depend on the capacity you need. Maybe we could exchange the capacity and sizing details by email instead.

Fine , please give me information about the requirements and price to my email.
also I have a post in the VIP section for this issue , we can continue there :wink:

Thanks and regards,