Incontrol AP management - missing settings?


I like the look and feel of IC2 and was hoping to manage a couple Enterprise One AP’s through it. However, I went to turn on band steering, but I do not see an option for it in IC2! After enabling the AP controller, I see quite a few settings that don’t appear to be on IC2, and aren’t accessible on the controller when IC2 control is enabled.

Is it true that some very useful features are disabled when managing through IC2? This seems like a very significant problem, since it makes IC2 useless to power users.

Please let me know if I’m wrong or if there is an update coming in the NEAR future that will fix this issue.

Thank you!


We are glad you like the look and feel of IC2.

In order to simplify the UI, we did not add the band steering option and we picked the “Prefer 5G” for our users. It is because most people would choose it too in most cases. Do you think “Prefer 5G” fits in your situation?

Please just let us know if you find any missing settings that you really need to configure on IC2. We will follow up accordingly.

Thanks for your comment.


Thank you for the reply, Michael. Yes, I think that Prefer will work fine for my situation. I’m glad to hear that it is enabled by default for IC2.

Is there any documentation regarding the list of settings enabled/disabled by default for IC2 users?

Thank you!


Sorry, we don’t . But it is just one of a few settings that we picked a value for users. In most cases, IC2 does not make changes to settings that are not shown on IC2 UI.