Incontrol and direct device API problem (no usage data)


I am not sure when this started, but we have some number of devices that fail to report ANY wan or cellular data via the incontrol API and the direct device API. This is a very serious problem as we are unable to alert or bill for data usage.

Has anyone else seen this? I am also opening a ticket with more detail


Always good to open a ticket with more details as serial number and examples of the api calls.

Do you see the data in the device Web Admin and in InControl2 itself? Do the devices belong to the same group?

In the InControl2 group, you could check Settings - InControl Options if the Device Reporting is not disabled:


I have put in a ticket. It is random devices in groups where other devices are reporting usage. And the usage does show in in control and web admin. But is missing in API calls.


Thank you. I see the ticket and will pass to the engineers to check for you.


Quick answer. Your device does not belong to group 6 but to group 23. Then you will get data.