Incontrol 2 - Warranty expired - All offline?


My warranty expired 2 days a go, now my device (and all WAN are red and offline - not true). I use Incontrol 2 only to verify if WAN are online or offline (no fleet management). Is there a way to keep this without renewing subscriptions or? What I miss if I don’t renew?



Your warranty includes your InControl 2 subscription, which now also has expired.
Since your InControl 2 subscription has expired, your device is no longer reporting to the InControl 2 cloud and deemed offline.

Now that your warranty has expired, you cannot buy the standard extended warranty anymore, since this can only be bought while the device is still in warranty.
You will need to purchase a SmartCare license, which reactivates your warranty (this also includes a new InControl 2 subscription).

For some Peplink/Pepwave products you can buy a license for just InControl 2, which is much cheaper than SmartCare.
Are we talking about the Peplink Balance One?


Yes it’s a Balance One Core


You can buy an ICS-012 (1 year) or ICS-024 (2 year) InControl 2 license for that model.
These only extended the InControl 2 subscription, not your warranty.

If you want to extend warranty and your InControl 2 subscription, please contact your Peplink partner for an PSC (Peplink SmartCare) license for your Balance One Core.
The prices for these licenses vary with each model, and I believe these are only available in 1 and 3 year licenses.




Does InControl2 send out notifications when warranties/InControl2 subscriptions are close to expiring?


If you have registered your product on our site then we do send out an email notification when the warranty is getting close to expiring. Thanks.


Bought ICS-012 on Peplink store, nothing happens! Do I have to enter data somewhere?



Normally, the subscription should be automatically renewed the same day.
That’s why you have to fill in your serial number when purchasing the license.


Now working!



Great! :+1::+1::+1:


How long does it take for the site to update after a new licnese is purchased?


@Joey_van_der_Gaag provided a great answer here.


Not that is effects this whatsoever, I just wanted to be sure everyone knows that standard extended warranties can be purchased for Velocity series routers like the BPL-ONE-CORE, even after the warranty has expired. There are no PSC warranties available for Velocity routers.