InControl 2 Subscription for Balance 710/210

I have previously been able to purchase a InControl 2 subscription for our multiple Balance 710s and 210s as we have literally hundreds of routers out in the field that connect back using Speedfusion.

We are now being told this is no longer an option. Why is this?
Purchasing the extended warranty is a very expensive cost to have to do every year.
We only need to keep the access to Incontrol 2 current for the Speedfusion settings.

We add new clients constantly using these routers, and purchase the subscriptions for all of these routers. This would be a big enough change that we would have to start looking into other options for routers as this adds an incredible burden for each router.

We have the same problem, but its even worse.

We dont care about the warranty, we just want incontrol2 to accept our 710 units.

Even tho we think its an abuse, were willing to pay you the $850 for the extended warranty and just not give us the warranty, as long we we can connect these things back up to incontrol.

My customers are asking me nearly every week why all their high end routers keep reading as warranty expired and all their other devices show up as online.

Guys we need incontrol management for old devices, you cant just leave all of us like this, I’ve got 17 high end $5000-15000+ routers with this same problem, its unacceptable, customer anger on my end is reaching critical levels, Ive put them off for a year now explaining “its coming soon” but it never does.

Now that Unify/Ubiquity has incontrol too (, and they don’t charge $30 per device per year were getting killed out here… help us out, we’ve stood by the product and defended it when people say they don’t know it explaining to them its a much better alternative than unify but its hard to sell this when stuff like this hasnt been addressed in years.

If you sell a router it needs to be able to be plugged into incontrol, warranty or not, incontrol is the whole point of installing a peplink network.

Please get this looked at, we cant be the only ones.

Sorry for the rant, we do it because we care about Peplink.

I hope this gets some attention.

Thank you.

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And before someone tells me to buy a new router or why i let the customers warranty expire.

These things are expensive, it was HARD convincing a customer that he NEEDS a $5000+ router when theres Drayteks and Fortigates that in their eyes “do the same thing” for a lot less…

Now I’m supposed to tell them hey remember that router we sold you 2 years ago and you forgot to renew the warranty even tho we told you to 10 times in the past 3 months? well now its garbage and you need a new one (even tho it works perfectly and there’s nothing wrong with it) please fork out $8999 for a new one so you can manage it.

The response will be him throwing the router in my face and promptly after calling my competitor to install unify APs with its cheap cloud controller and a Fortigate router for 1/4th the price (that again in their eyes does the same thing).

I know you don’t like us complaining but we have to tell you what we experience out here in the wild, Unify has been pushing HARD lately and i’m finding harder and harder to convince our customers Peplink is better, stuff like this does not help.

I hope you guys reconsider the policy of denying incontrol service to high end routers

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