InControl 2 - Real Time Cellular Signal Report

Requesting the ability to view Real Time Cellular reports. I am not 100% sure, but I thought I have seen this feature before and this is no longer available for Cellular Report. I am interested in Real Time Cellular Signal/Quality measurements. Thank you.

We didn’t implement real time cellular reports. This is the first time we hear such request. We will implement it when we receive more demand from other customers as well.

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Thank you Peplink team.

Always appreciate the feedback.

Can someone confirm that this is not something already support on InControl2?

I can see a report right now that is close to real time (~1 minute behind). But this is not available for all of my devices.

Example (Note Timestamp in PST):

This is supported now. Anyhow, it is not a real-time cellular report. Please ensure your Max devices (embedded SIM) are running with latest firmware version.

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