Incontrol 2 factor

To put 2 factor on the login do I just go via
oranization settings and tick

Two-factor authentication
Force users to set up and use two-factor authentication

When it says users, it is meaning users of incontrol, nothing to do with wifi Ap clients?

Hello @evanvilla,
When you enable the 2nd Factor Authentication on InControl2, it is purely for the security of InControl2 administration, the authentication method used by your clients accessing your Wi-Fi will not be affected.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I have a new phone and reinstalled the authentication app and cannot login with the app anymore. how can register the app again, as I don’t get QR code?


I suppose you can click on the link below to login using email code.


After login using your account, please disable the Two Factor Authentication and re-enable Two Factor Authentication to register your new phone.

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