InControl 2 Automatically Downgrading Devices Running Firmware 6.2

If your device is falling back to older firmware after upgrading to 6.2, it could be because InControl 2 is forcing the device to follow group Firmware policy:

In this situation, you need to update your firmware policy by navigating to ​Settings>Firmware Policy:

Here, you could either change the firmware policy to “Firmware management disabled”, or to “Custom”. If you choose “Custom”, here are the instructions for loading firmware on InControl 2.

I’m facing the same issue with this. Please get it fix asap.

Hi Steiven, did you follow the directions in the above post? This should resolve your issue.

Yes, I did.

In the “Firmware – Group policy” I have set to “6.2.0 build (Custom)”, it not apply to dashboard.
I have to go in device by device to change it to “6.2.0 build (Custom)”, which is doesn’t make sense.

Hi Steiven,

Can you share the screen shot of your Firmware - Group policy and Firmware Update Schedule?

  • Login to your IC2 > Select the affected device group > Settings > Firmware Policy.