InControl 2 API Question

So I added a Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE device to InControl 2 about 2 days ago. I have setup queries for Organization, Groups and bandwidth which all works fine. But when I query for the cellular signals, the CSV has only the column titles but no records. I can read the signal levels on the web site so why are there no cellular signals in the CSV file? Is it because the device has not been active very long? Is there any additional setup required to capture this information?


I think you’re referring to the API /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/wan_signals/csv . Please make sure your device is running firmware 6.3 or above. Firmware prior to 6.3 does not support to report the device’s cellular WAN signal to IC2.

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Thanks for the response!

The unit has firmware 6.2.2. But when I check for a firmware update, it says there is no update.

Also, there does not seem to be a manual update for a MAX BR1 LTE. Is the MAX BR1 ok to use? The unit is HW2.

Please do the manual upgrade. BR1 Hw2 shouldn’t have problem to upgrade to the latest firmware version.

You could upgrade your unit to the latest firmware release over IC2. Just visit the Firmware Management screen.

Thanks! The device is updated and I am now getting the correct data.

Next question:

Regarding the query:


Since you can set a start and stop date, is there a limit to the number of records that this can return in a single call? Lets say I wanted hourly records over 2 years. Is that even possible with a single call?