InControl 2 API Ability to Retrieve and Manage Captive Portal and Splash Settings

Hello! Sorry if this is repeat, I initially inquired about a few years ago, directly to either the Peplink support or Engineering team, and also recently in which they suggest I post here.

It would be great, and highly useful if Incontrol 2 API… supports retrieving data (and also managing it)
• Ideally, all of the Captive portal settings
For example
• Whether the Captive Portal is enabled/disabled
• Access Mode
• Authentication
• Quota Reset Time
• Allowed Networks
• Allowed Clients
• The Captive Portal splash url settings

Right now we have hundreds clients and hundreds Peplink devices that we have manually remote admin, each one by one, keep track across spreadsheets, database, tickets, contracts etc, which which takes time to update. During urgent request, we may not have a chance right away to keep it updated, and have to set aside a chunk of time, to go through Peplink configurations and see which is the latest info.

This feature appears still not available, and not sure if there was any plans yet to implement that, but if there’s a way to escalate this API feature, if it is a priority to Peplink, if for example, other customers are also requesting it, or it will be highly useful to other customers, that would be awesome.

Other 3rd party controllers and also APs controllers, do not appear to have this feature, so I could imagine usefulness to other clients of Peplink who, like us, have hundreds of Peplinks, and need to automate as much as possible.

If we can mass pull the information, or bulk update the information, it would greatly (and positively) impact us.

Thank you!